Asunción, Paraguay / Santa Cruz, California (June 20, 2002)
Sonork, SRL and Haptek, Inc. jointly announce the release of KATE -
the world's first 3D animated, talking emoticon - as a FREE add-on to
the Sonork instant messaging client.

Emoticons have long been part of IM clients, adding diversion and emotional
expressions to text-based chat. Until now, they’ve been restricted to
simple 2D icons embedded into messages. With KATE, which is the first
product coming from the Haptek-Sonork partnership, this is about to change.

Utilizing Sonork's innovative Plugin API, KATE not only introduces a new
dimension to the human exchange via instant messaging, but also opens a
myriad of potential uses and applications in areas ranging from entertainment
via product demonstrations to customer relationship management.

KATE automatically detects a Sonork instant messaging connection, then
displays a user-defined 3D character - either custom-made or selected
from a range of 5 preconfigured avatars. Incoming and outgoing messages are
read out-loud via a Text-to-Speech (TTS) conversion engine. In addition,
common emotions (among them "rolling on the floor", "yawn", "wink" and
"smile") are shown in an animated fashion.

KATE can also detect the preferred language for each particular user, ensuring
that dialogues in English aren't read out using a non-English TTS. Future
extensions will include a real-time translation service and web-based creation
and purchasing of custom  characters.

"With KATE we originally intended to produce a fun tool that allows Sonork
users to creatively express themselves", said Haptek's Lead Engineer,
Clint Brewer, "but we wanted to offer Sonork a lot more than what all the
other IM clients are already providing. The end result was KATE, a unique
demonstration of two outstanding technologies, but with a real and tangible
application in both the consumer and business markets."

"We are excited and proud at the same time", adds Miguel Balsevich, Sonork's
President and Chief Technology Officer, "because KATE shows the ease with
which new functionality can be added to our instant messenger using our Plug-in API.

For more information on KATE, or to download a FREE demo version, visit:

System requirements:
Windows 98SE,ME,XP,2000
DirectX 6 or better.
Pentium Class 166MHz CPU
16MB RAM, 21MB disk space
Sound Card
A copy of the Sonork IM client

3D Hardware Accelerated Graphics Card

About Sonork S.R.L
Sonork S.R.L. is a privately held company headquartered in Asunción,
Paraguay. It specialises in the development of enterprise instant
messaging solutions and development tools that enable the integration of
IM into existing applications.

The company, with a current staff complement of six, has satellite
offices in Florianópolis (Brazil), Cape Town (South Africa) and
Plymouth (MA, USA).

Luis Guerrero, Director
+595 (971) 201813 /

About Haptek, Inc.
Santa Cruz (CA) based Haptek, Inc. is a software development company
building the standard for truly interactive, photo-realistic, 3-D
characters for the Internet.

Haptek software creates photo-realistic, 3-D, full-bodied, fully animated,
morphing and emotive characters in dynamic environments that visually and
verbally interact with the user and with one another over the Internet, in
real time and at virtually any bandwidth.

Jack Wiley, Business Development
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