What can you see with the Haptek Player? What can you make with People Putty? The pages listed below only scratch the surface!

Virtual W! Your very own United States President! Morph him, dress him up, make him recite some of his classic nuggets of wisdom, and more!

For some reason, we decided to make a virtual Jay Leno. Is he as funny as the real thing? Click here to find out! (Sound clips are probably owned by NBC.)

Virtual Hulk. Submitted and hosted by loyal Hap-fan Steve Aue (so please don't hurt us, Marvel Comics). Made using PeoplePutty, HapTargh, and liberal use of his browser's "View Source" option.

Haptek TV is where you can see a whole bunch of skits made with PeoplePutty. If you like them, you can buy PeoplePutty and make your own!

Have something cool you've made with Haptek technology? E-mail bbird@haptek.com to have it posted here for all the world to see.